A Touch of Eden


When I first arrived home from Uganda people would ask how was my trip. I would get stuck for words. So many images, sounds and experiences flood into my mind’s view and I could not filter one from another to make a coherent sentence, sputtering “yea good, erm amazing, sad, erm yea, God’s doing amazing stuff out there”. Very eloquent Nicole!

Now nearly two months on and missing my new found world that is so far away my heart cries out to share its experiences.

That red dust that for for me is a treasure to Uganda and a joy I never tired of to walk on down it’s many tracks.

The  sounds of the tropical boo boo birds, the crested cranes, the laughing sound of the ibis bird. Snorting hippos, just born baby hippo and tooting elephants, munching waterbucks outside my bedroom window and grunting warthogs outside my door, which of course I named all Pumbaa. The chorus of crickets and frogs. Local voices calling out “muzungu, agandi”. And singing, much joyful singing.

Smells of open fires just about everywhere.

Tastes of the most amazing pineapple, pumpkin, avocado, the most delicious little sweet bananas and the new taste of matoke.


Thunderstorms, blackout nights of no electricity the second a raindrop hit the ground and cold water showers. Is it crazy that I miss it so much?

Josiah my roommate gecko. The praying mantis that with some help was given a quick exit out my room.

Fields, mountains, heart shaped leaves, hundreds of dancing butterflies, rainbow lizards, trees in full purple bloom, sun drying coffee beans, sunrise and sunsets.


And so much more.

Most vivid of all are the faces of so many, the sound of children’s laughter, the expression of pure gratitude, the emptiness of so much need and at the same time in some ways in their humble hearts they have more than mine. Big Daddy Weave sing “I found Your riches among poverty” Well I certainly did!

I was graced with a glimpse into the garden of Eden through God’s incredible creation and it was truly a treasure to behold. But He also created people, communities. Eternal treasures. What I learned of that is what I next want to share. It’s these faces, these hearts, these treasures that I am keen to tell you about. And as my heart broke yet at the same time was made whole, maybe yours will too.


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