Let me welcome you to my little reading corner. There’s a comfy chair for you to curl up on, with your choice of brew & a view of the beautiful English countryside. If you time it right you will often see beautiful heaven-hand crafted skies that stir your heart with wonder & joy. My husband & children often find me there with a book in my hand. I hope you will pay a visit from time to time too.

My written words are not particularly artistic or of any professional standard. They are simply my own thoughts of my journey with my LORD my God, where no matter what the day brings I hold onto the colour of rainbows. I search for the gifts to give thanks to my Creator & I welcome the fulfilling joy.

Joy. The original Greek word for joy is xapa. Transliterated is chara. The phonetic spelling is khar-ah. Joy can be found 63 times in the New Testament in the KJV and NIV & in the Old Testament 102 times in the KJV &155 NIV. My prayer is that I will find more of it within myself everyday as God gathers me closer to Him.

Joy is not a feeling of happiness. It is so much more. God can blossom joy in the saddest & the hardest moments in our lives if we are willing to let Him. You may be surprised by how the smallest amount of God given joy can be found & sustain you through the darkest of times.
Joy can be like a flower unveiling each petal to collect the rain during the storm, or to soak, bathed in the sun.
Joy can bubble up from the deepest beat of our heart, from the very centre of our being & explode out like an eruption of a hot spring.
Joy comes from a place inside us that we need awakening to. That at times can feel like glimpses of a long forgotten dream.
But God in His beauty and love placed His joy in us from the first breath He gave us in the garden. The LORD has placed His spirit in us to carry joy from every heartbeat through every vein, until we are full & overflowing & cannot contain it.

So, like the songbird, as our heart sings out thankfulness in every single moment, for every single gift, to God our Father, to Jesus our Savour, for the Holy Spirit of power. So our hearts will be full of joy.

I pray that among the words & pictures to come, you will find some of God’s gift of xapa.

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  1. Rita Howell

    Indeed dear friend, my heart overflowed with joy today as I drove down that cumbersome M6 to see my mum and dad. Thank you for your musings. I smiled a big smile as I read and thought about this new adventure you embark on. Xxx

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