Open letter to Jacqueline Gold – Plea from a woman, wife and mother

The windows scream out of a dark enticing world that gets curiosity, intrigue flowing. But lets cut to the honesty of it all. The windows are bold and loud with their ugly loveless images of unreal woman dressed up in an imaginary world, chained to the image of a sexual object, with an apparent animal instinctive sexual appetite that feeds the same lack of self controlled appetite of a man.

These pictures, adverts to the shops merchandise are displayed for all to see. For my children to see aged young and innocent eyes to teens who are curious and immature to the dangers these images bring of addiction, insecurities and unhealthy relationships.
My young who’s eyes and head and heart should be protected from the exposure to sexualised images and instead drenched in the art of creation and encouraged in they’re curiosity of how it all works. To explore the outside world, to let their creativity of imagination explode with friends about knights, princesses, dragons, wizards, slaying giants and to be shown the joy in the pages of books. To enjoy walks in the countryside and around towns. All of which have nothing to do with flesh showing and sexual fantasies. We are meant to guard our young, not tarnish them with lustful content.

And my youth, teens that are so easily influenced by these images that offer excitement, though of course it neglects to reveal it cannot sustain the excitement and hides the dirt of sickness that goes with it all. There’s not even any small print that says it’s a joy and freedom of heart killer.
My girl’s look at these pictures and experience the turmoil inside themselves, feelings of they don’t match up, that they will have to change themselves physically and morally and behave in ways that might just hold a boys interest for five minutes, and then when he’s moved on, they’ll pretend they don’t care. They are then caught, lost in a vicious cycle of a maze they don’t know how to get out of. Yet what they really want is to be cherished and loved and wanted by a boy who has eyes and a heart and a soul that is only for their eyes and heart and soul, just as they are, fully committed.
They change to be admired by their friends, not for the sweet fruits of friendship but by what they are prepared to do for popularity sake. Not to mention the competitiveness of comparison and jealousy and mistrust that will eventually kick in to tear apart those treasure boxed friendships.
My once carefree girls turn into robots controlled by an over sexed society who has lost sight of true beauty, dignity and a highly raised bar of what our girls think they are worth.

As for my boys, are they being taught what beauty really is? How to nurture girls and communicate well, to talk, to respect their own minds, feelings and bodies and those of girls?
No, they have images captivating the ideas that says, forget self-control, forget what a true woman is and treat them how you like to satisfy your own gratification, you’re a man, your can’t help it, you have needs.
I try so hard to help my boys stay pure of mind for their own sake as well as the girls and women around them, longing for that eventual intimacy of mind soul and body that marriage brings. Knowing only when they are ready to give everything that is inside their body to each other, that’s when they are ready to give the outside of their body to each other. Knowing it’s not “just sex”, not just a body but that their body is one with their soul.

What hope do they stand? My husband who sets himself as a role model for our five children, who makes himself accountable to me and others around him to ensure he loves me, his wife, truly, fully, purely, honestly, for life. Because he loves me more! What hope does he stand? When images of women and sex are everywhere even on our high street shop windows.

And lastly me, me a woman, me a wife, me a mother, who stays modestly dressed so to not lead others to thoughts they should only have for the one they love. Me, who keeps herself secret for only her husband to delight in. Me, who sees these images that turn my stomach, that punch me with a sickening blow and makes me feel less of a woman, makes me feel ashamed of my body, ashamed of my years passing as age starts to show. Insecurities grow so big that at times I’m ashamed even to let my husband touch me. That’s far far from letting him delight in me wouldn’t you say? Why when he can look at these western worldly perceived perfect women offering themselves on his alter would he not indulge in these fantasies, even if they only satisfy for a short time? Why would he choose my flawed skin, my oversized curves or lack of, my naked face as well as my four children down the line tolled naked body, my often tired short on the wildness energy bedroom department? Why? Because he knows when he keeps his eyes for me only, when he rejoices and celebrates over me only, my body and all that I am, he sees a package of an every day life shared down to the core intimacy of a relationship that fulfils more than any lustful moment can ever try to offer. Then his love of sex stops and his love for us brings a love for our physical oneness that goes beyond his wildest dreams. Oh, and mine!

How do we as a family achieve this, how do we commit to fighting this battle every day? We have faith. Faith in our God who is beauty. Who brought the beauty of creation into existence. Who created the beauty of us and our each unique individualism. The only hope of victory in this battle is because the son of God died to save us. He loves us and He woes us and as our Father He showers so much affection on us as He makes us more like Him and then the more beautiful we become. True beauty! Therefore the less sexy to the world I feel the need to be because I’m more embedded in my identity as a precious child of God, who is not just for this moment here and now, but for eternity.
As for me and my house, we will fight this battle on our knees in prayer and in the Word of the living God of the heavenly armies.

But I know many of you do not share my faith. But I know many of you do share my battles.
And I know many of you do have a sense of moral community, at least to our children if nothing else.
So to all who walk past these windows on your high streets? To all you who work in the stores? Fight with me! To all you who benefit hugely from the profits of the merchandise? Take down your posters and keep them down. Make yourselves accountable for the innocent eyes, the young trying to find the healthy way and the marriages trying to do more than just survive.
My plea to you is, take a stand and lead the way to a healthy family environment in our towns and shopping centres, in our world. Be known more for caring and helping your community than forcing provocative landscapes in their faces. Be part of impacting this world that makes a difference, that doesn’t create and wound us in our battles, but fights with us to win them.

Yours faithfully,
One woman, who does not stand alone, trying to love people the best she can.

Nicole Richardson

2 thoughts on “Open letter to Jacqueline Gold – Plea from a woman, wife and mother

  1. Darrel Georgiou

    Thank you for the out pouring of your heart in your beautifully written open letter.
    It’s a hard thing for a man to be honest about the context of your letter but here I stand a wreched sinner to the core of my very being knowing full well the shame, guilt and damage that’s done by the lustful, lying images that bombard us in the media, in books, magazines, film television and advertising.
    The world would have me believe that sex, money and lustful images are what make the world go round and really quite normal but I’m sick of the lies.
    It’s one of life’s great revelations to understand first in the mind then in the heart that women are mothers sisters and daughters, to be cherished, protected and honoured by men. To understand and believe this is not of the carnal mind but a work of the Holy Spirt, so men if you tell me your basicaly a good man and not affected by the coruption of lust your deceiving or being deceived.
    Men we have a responsibility to encourage women to be all they want to be, doctors, lawers entrepreneurs and if a woman chooses to be a house wife and home maker remember the words of C S Lewis. “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only and that purpose is to support the ultimate career”. Women you have a similar responsibility to men, it’s not all one sided.
    My sister you ask who will stand with me? I will stand with you, I will walk with you. I must stand and I will stand not because there is and strength or goodness in me but because I am born again of the spirit of God.
    Yes I am a wreched sinner to the core of my very being But saved from my wreched self by mercy and grace through faith in Christ Jesus who died for me.
    To my dear sister with love

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